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                Zhejiang wanfeng technology development co., LTD., the international leading industrial automation equipment system service provider

                 Wanfeng group is a private joint-stock international large enterprise groups, zhejiang wanfeng technology development co., LTD is one of the group's high-tech enterprises, the main high-end equipment manufacturing and related business integration and robots, since the company founded more than 10 years, has always been adhering to the "build international brands, build one hundred enterprise" business philosophy, in the related fields of business, has the international leading technology and high market share, is the first authors, many national and industry standards for the automotive, electrical and electronic, engineering machinery, aerospace, military industry and other fields, to provide professional supporting services.

                 "Chinese resources join global power". In 2016, wanfeng technology co., ltd. wholly acquired Paslin company, an international leading robot application system service provider, aiming to become a global leader in welding robot integrated system through digestion, absorption and re-innovation of international advanced technologies. < br > & have spent Under the influence of "industry 4.0", "machine replacement" and other concepts, the world has entered the era of intelligent economy. Wanfeng technology company will actively practicing the "made in China 2025" national strategy, depth to promote two fusion, with high-end intelligent equipment industrial park as the main battlefield, the overall planning, step-by-step implementation, rolling development, make full use of capital market advantage, with harmony, to become an international, professional automation application system service, take on responsibility and the mission of "smart" made in China, in order to achieve the "made in China" to "created in China" across, push China from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power", contribution wanfeng people's wisdom and strength. 
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